A new library for the children of North Elementary School will help increase our students’ enthusiasm for visiting the library, but will also be a learning destination for all students at North. This project, while not tackling the introduction of a computer lab with workstations, will enhance other technology currently missing from the current library. Our plans call for the addition of SmartBoard technology and iPads including storage for those devices, as well as the implementation of OSMO, an award-winning game system that changes the way children interact with the iPad by opening them up to hands-on play.

Other additions proposed include library specific tasks on the Smart Board and Chromebooks, as well as for curriculum enhancement to teach information literacy. The long-term goal is to position District 427 in a collaborative tech era with guidance from pioneers of The International Society for Technology in Education.



Libraries are an investment. Currently, broken and bowed shelving is impacting the longevity of our learning materials. The proposed shelving will hold books in new configurations that help our students get the most out of their library experience, based on their age. The new shelving will also protect the collection – eliminating the current crushing of the books and making it difficult for the students to pull them.

The new shelving will allow us to have modular and mobile configurations, which will work wonderfully for special events such as book fairs, author visits, and the fun fair!

Along with shelving, new, flexible seating will be added to encourage learning, to get students moving, and to allow for small groups of children to learn together in the new library!

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Students and staff will benefit greatly from this new redesigned layout and overall feel of the new library environment. This will be a place where teachers can work with groups of students, teach computer/technology skills, and allow self-guided learning and, can be an open space to allow for book fairs, author visits, and more with flexible nesting and folding tables. Seating options will abound that encourage learning and engage students.

This new space will also welcome community groups such as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, self-improvement groups, and more – with an engaging space that allows groups to meet.

Teachers will see this new space as a new teaching tool, with technology and a maker space that allows for collaborative learning. Mrs. Jaymee Schrader could bring her class to the library’s maker space to work on a unit on meters; or, she could check out the OSMO cart or Keva planks to use in her classroom.


Because of you, the New North Elementary Library will be installed the

Summer of 2019!


Our Team

Why do we need your help? This important initiative for North Elementary School is one that will not only impact students now, but for years to come. The library is currently not on the District’s capital improvement list, but has support from Kathy Spiewak, North Elementary Principal; PTO liasons Jaymee Schrader and Nicole Ziegler; and the North Elementary School Parent Volunteers, Karen Weckerly, North PTO Secretary and specialty educator in Suzuki violin and Melissa Kendzora-Smith, MS, Library Information Science, UIUC.

This team is working closely with the professional design teams at DEMCO, and with North Elementary Librarian, Clare Dempsey, on all plans.



Make this New Library Come True!

Thank You to our Contributors